Monday, September 17, 2012

Iowa Sent Me Back To Wisconsin

A road to French Creek
The band was going to play a gig in Lansing, Iowa and another up the river in Minnesota the next day. Lansing is near trout water, so I planned to camp there and fish French Creek the next morning. After the night's festivities, I managed to crawl out of my tent at around 9 AM.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Backpack Fly Fishing Colorado in a High Altitude Nutshell. Part III

Morning on the Flat Tops
Despite a night of little sleep and shouting at perceived rodents scurrying along the outer sides of my tent, I felt unexpectedly refreshed in the morning. While impatiently waiting for the warm sun to appear, I bundled up and tried to spot any large wildlife that might be in the area. I returned without seeing anything and got started trying to catch my breakfast.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

In order to pay for fly fishing, I play bass in a band called The Soapbox Project. Sadly, this means I can't fish every moment of my free time and I could only dedicate Sunday and Monday to Driftless exploration. The band's fun though, so it's a pretty good situation overall.

I did my best to rise from sleeping after two days of shows and crashing Sunday morning at 4:00ish AM. I'm proud to report that I made it to Brown Beard's house not forgetting anything except the GoPro camera (sorry, no hot POV action in this post). We made it to our first stop, Melancthon Creek, before noon, first trying a bridge that had previously provided us some good trout. The heat and humidity was stifling. Unsurprisingly, the fishing was slow in the middle of the day. We caught 1 trout at the bridge and worked our way downstream to some rock walls where I'd lost a nice trout on a previous trip. The trout would not reappear for us and few others did.

Melancthon Creek