Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Long Distance Relationships

This fly doesn't work
I don't think long distance relationships are a good idea. But I've been in them and I'm sure you have too. I'm in one right now, with Iowa. Wisconsin simply became unavailable... until March 2013. With all the gasoline and travel time required for a long distance relationship, you feel the pressure to justify it.

My last trip to Iowa was rough. I brought my friend Len along hoping to watch him catch a bunch of hogs. This is what he does in Wisconsin. I took him to Bloody Run and started a ways upstream from the parking area to avoid high traffic. Ultimately we only caught a single brown trout to show for it.

We surrendered a bit before noon and drove over to Waterloo Creek where we had a tiny bit more luck. Len caught a miniature trout trifecta of rainbow, brown and brook trout. And I caught a couple more browns, keeping one brown trout for dinner. Before the final fish was caught however, I would miss about 8 strikes. Len, who was watching the show, jokingly suggested that my hook was missing. I checked, and it was broke off. Lesson learned.