Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Brown and Braun Target Western Wisconsin - Part 2

I awoke the second morning of camping in my tent with the usual mental and physical struggle between having to take a leak but wanting to stay buried in my sleeping bag because of the cold morning temperatures. Finally emerging into the daylight, I found Brown Beard cooking his usual restaurant quality breakfast for all of us. We ate and planned our day.

Brown and Braun Target Western Wisconsin - Part 1

You may recall Brown Beard from previous posts. You may also recall a trip I took with him and his brother earlier this spring. With the end of the season approaching, and a few more vacation days to burn, we plotted a sequel to that trip...

Yes, I made a custom graphic for our fishing trip. Hell, I made one for our previous trip, but I'm going to hold on to that one for the time being.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Going Solo

As I finish up this post, the 2013 Wisconsin inland trout fishing season has ended. I'm behind with this blog. So, lets go back in time together and read about why I hate fishing with you!
I enjoy my fishing partners, the precious few that I have. I hope to find many more as I continue this trout-venture. But I must acknowledge that I prefer going solo. I enjoy selfishly hogging the stream to myself. My pace, my holes, my guidance-free sloppy casts. It's not just the fishing. It's the drive, the camping (if applicable), the lunch stop, the visit to the fly shop... The whole dynamic is different when you're by yourself. Do I feel like stopping to take a picture of that field? Yes! Anyone mind? No? Great!

Contour farming seen from a small township road, way up on a ridge upon entering Richland County from the East.