Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brook Trout, Tigers and Beers... With A Fly!

What had started earlier in the week as a trip to Trappers for some dynamic duo trout slaying turned into myself, Brown Beard and Greg the Large Norwegian meeting up with Trap for a four-headed attack on the streams. My good friend Greg, who lives with the monks and ghosts while maintaining the grounds at Durwards Glen, volunteered to be a photographer while the rest of us fished.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Opening Day, Wisconsin Inland Trout Season 2014

Bleak. Desolate. Unforgiving. These are a few words that may be used to describe both the Gobi Desert and the opening day of Wisconsin's inland trout season, 2014. Like most of my fellow trout junkies, I frequently visited weather websites in the days leading up to the opener. At one point it was looking to be at least in the mid-teens both Saturday and Sunday, with Sunday being a bit warmer. When it came to it however, Saturday would be the least frigid, with temps barely breaching 2 digits.