Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tying The Green Turd

The affectionately named "Green Turd" is a small streamer I tie. I've fished it with much success and more importantly, its been reported to me by other anglers as being very effective for them too.

The Green Turd was born from a failed attempt to copy a Milwaukee Leech, which is really similar to a Mohair Leech. Both of which are quite reminiscent of a common Wooly Bugger. But I've decided that my tie is a messed up enough version of all of these to be given it's own name. I've used it for trout, bass and pan fish. 99% of the time, I catch fish with it by stripping across or down stream with random jerks.

Let's learn to tie The Green Turd!

  • Size 8 4X Streamer Hook with down eye
  • 1/8" Gold tungsten bead head
  • 6/0 Olive thread
  • Olive wooly bugger marabou (tail)
  • Crystal flash
  • 50/50 mix black UV dubbing and Olive wet fly dubbing (treaded loop body)
  • Light olive wooly bugger hackle

Start the with the hook and tungsten bead head. A regular bead could be used with lead wire, but I find the tungsten to be heaver and quicker to deal with. Plus all that weight at head creates a nice jigging motion when stripping the fly in.

Tie the thread on at the head of the hook and wrap it back to where the curve begins.

Tie on the marabou just like a wooly bugger, about a shank's length. Maybe a tad more.

Add four strands of crystal flash. I try to keep 2 strands on either side.

Get out your loop spinner.

This was my way of faking the mohair yarn which I had trouble finding, except for online. I had no patience for that so a threaded loop dubbed body was used. I make my loop about 5 inches long.

Spin that sucker up tight, but not too tight!

Wrap it up to the head. A rotary vice is helpful for this. The body should be messy. I use a tooth brush to tease it up like an 80's hair band.

Tie off and cut off the excess dubbing. I do several wraps and move the tread about an eighth inch back towards the tail. This gives me room for the next step.

Tie in a bright green hackle feather. I discard the tip of the feather and tie in where the barbs are at least a half inch long. This part of the tie can get sloppy for me. I tie in the 1/8" bit of stem I've made bare back towards the head. Then I wrap the hackle towards the head, making 5 or 6 wraps trying to keep the barbs pushed back so I don't wrap over them. Once at the head, I tie it off and trim.

Lastly, I build up a collar that hides my sloppiness and pushes the hackle back at an angle.

Whip finish and dabble on some Hard As Nails. Enjoy your Green Turd!


  1. Nice article Dan. I'll have to add that to my list of things to tie. Welcome back to bloggerdom!

  2. Trapper tested, brown trout approved!

  3. I'll tie some of these bad boys for trout and maybe give it a go on some warm water species too.

  4. Nice! The Turd will not let you down.

  5. trapper handed me one of the Dan's turds (the above kind) …. it worked for me until I LOST it ….. How does one lose a turd? Anyway, now that I finally have the exact recipe (i messed up a few from Dan's sparse email instructions), i can now tie thousands of green turds this winter …. thanks Dan … good pattern adaptation …

  6. By and large you should never let someone hand you a turd. Just don't take it. But I've mostly received positive feedback passing around this Turd.

  7. Jest na co popatrzeńá ! Brawo !