Friday, June 5, 2015

Kayak Atttack

Open pod bay doors
Though I purchased a "Future Beach Trophy 126" kayak several years ago, it spent years at a time taking up space in my mom's garage when I lived in a small apartment. It hurt my ass and was a pain to take places on my car. Now I have my own garage to make a mess of and a vehicle that can transport the kayak without trying to lift it over my head. I've also since become a depraved, fly fishing addict or "passionate angler" as I like to put it. Stream trout are not enough when a good tug can be coaxed out of bass, panfish, pike and other warm water species.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Take Me To Your Brooder!

March early season trout fishing in the Driftless had been slow for most of us. Since fishermen are actually admitting this much, things were indeed terrible. Clear, low, cold water and bright skies have been mostly to blame.

Personally, I've been in exploratory mode on my last few outings in March. If anything it gives me a legitimate excuse for not bringing many fish to my chilly grippers.

This turned out as bad as it looks

Monday, March 16, 2015

Early Wisconsin Trout Season Slowly Ramping Up

The 2015 Wisconsin inland trout season opener featured the most pleasant weather of any of my opening weekends. Temps in the upper 40s and big bright, awful, trout terrorizing blue skies. Nevertheless, this was the opener, and I was determined to fish.